Spray vaccination will ensure better protection against infection than application of vaccine into drinking water. Vaccination of chickens from the age of 14 days perfomed by application of „coarse spray” by equal spraying over corresponding number of poultry from distance of  30 to 50 cm. Too fine microdrops (mist by aerosol) causes inhalation of vaccine virus into lungs and and respiration disease arise. The application by aerosol is only suitable for re-vaccination and in this case the spray mist is created in the area over poultry.

Storage: Store is a dark and dry place at the temperature between 2 °c and 8 °c.

Protection period: None

Shelf life: 30 months. Use immediately after first opening.

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ORNIPEST lyoph. ad us. vet. (Poultry Vaccines)

Live vaccine against Newcastle disease in poultry, lyophilized

Composition – 1 vaccination dose:

Lentogenic strain of Newcastle disease virus, NDV SL 93, not less than 106.0 EID50, max. 108.0 EID50Nutrimentum for lyophilisatione.

Effect method:

Application live lentogenous strain of Newcaste disease virus, specified by enterotropism, stimulates through lymphatic system specific defences against infection. Immunity onset is observed about vaccination one-two weeks later and broilers are immune for the whole fattening period. Chickens intended for rearing should be re-vaccinated four weeks later and then two weeks before the beginning of an egg-laying period. Immunity after re-vaccination lasts for three to five months.After the live virus vaccination against Newcastle disease of poultry non-sterile imunity arise. Here the persistence of vaccine virus in organism for several days even weeks is not excluded.

Indication: For preventive vaccination against Newcastle disease of poultry.

Indication group: Veterinary immunopreparation

Contraindication: To vaccinate ill poultry and chickens until the age of 14 days is not recommended.


Never apply any other vivid vaccine earlier than 7 days later. If said period is not kept the vaccination will be ineffective, particularly when other vivid vaccines are applied analogously.

Method of administration and dosage:

Individual application:

  • Vaccine is dropped on conjunctiva of individual chickens ( 1 dose).

Mass spray application:

  • The vaccine, diluted in drinking water, free of any disinfectants, is applied by means of sprayer creating microdrops.

Mass application into drinking water:

  • The diluted vaccine is applied in such volumes of water, which poultry can drink within 1 to 2 hours from the moment the vaccine was diluted.

Layers should be re-vaccinated after the serological examination results.

Adverse effects: Unknown


  • 200, 500 and 2,500  vaccination doses
  • 10 x 200; 10 x 500; 10 x 2,500 vaccination doses