Indication group: Veterinary pharmaceutical preparation – luteolytic

Interaction: The vaccine Biocan DHPPi + LR can be used separately or simultaneously with vaccines Biocan C, Biocan M Plus, Biocan B.

Contraindication: The ingestion in the course of planned and physiologically normal pregnancy, when the interruption is not requested from the therapeutic point of view

Dosage: 2 ml irrespective of weight and breed of animal.

Method of administration: Intramuscular

  • Cattle:

    • Estrus synchronizing – 2 ml of the preparation (0.15 mg of active substance). When estrus synchronizing, first determine the corpus luteum (6th to 18th day of the cycle) and based on the developing estrus symptoms, inseminate 70 to 120 hours after administration. If estrus does not develop, the preparation may be administered again on the 11th day after the first treatment. In embryo donors, administer the 3rd day after the superovulation preparation start (morning dose 2 ml, evening dose 2 ml). When treating functional ovary disorders, inseminate at the first estrus provoked by the preparation administration; if estrus does not appear, it is possible to repeat the administration on the 11th day. At combined therapy of follicular cysts, administrate ESTROPUR inj. on the 10th to 14th day after LHRH administration (Dirigestran inj., Supergestran inj.) based on positive ovarian response detection. When treating postpuerperal diseases of uterus, repeat the administration at intervals of 10 days, inseminate solely after the second administration.

Package: 10 x 2 ml

Warning: Pregnant women should avoid handling this preparation

Storage: Store in a dry place at the temperature of 10 to 25 oc. Protect from light! To be consumed within 14 days after the 1st opening. Do not use after the expiry date stated on the label.

Protection period:

  • Meat: 24 hours
  • Milk: 4 hours
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ESTROPUR inj. ad us. vet. (Hormones)

Pharmaceutical product with luteolytic and uterotonic effect.

Composition – 2 ml:

  • Cloprostenolum natricum – 75 µg, chlorocresol, citrate of sodium, citric acid, water for injection

Effect method:

Cloprostenol sodium salt, a functional F2-alpha prostaglandin analogue, is distinguished by a specific luteolytic effect. The corpus luteum extinction creates conditions for rutting and ovulation. The period from the preparation administration to the first symptoms of estrus is 48 – 60 hrs, the best time for insemination is about the 76th hour after administration



Estrus provocation and synchronizing in heifers and cows, synchronizing of sexual cycle of donors and recipients in the programme of bovine early embryo transfer.



  • functional disorders of ovaries, postpartal and postservice anestrus (silent estrus, irregular and anovulatory cycle, persisting corpus luteum, luteal cyst).
  • Postpuerperal uterus disorders, endometritis, pyometritis. Normal and pathological pregnancy interruption (in the first half of gestation).

Combined therapy of follicular cysts (10th to 14th day after LHRH administration, when positive ovarian response is detected).