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Shafiq Ahmad Fayyaz Chief Executive SNAM PHARMA Lahore


VICAM is a world leader in providing mycotoxin and microbiological testing solutions. Since 1985, VICAM has been dedicated to developing USDA- and AOAC-approved rapid tests for mycotoxins and foodborne pathogens. VICAM’s mycotoxin test kits provide reliable quantitative detection of particular mycotoxins through the choice of HPLC or fluorometric detection methods.

Mycotoxins are toxic substances that are a natural part of our ecosystem. These naturally occurring toxins are produced by soil-borne molds that infect field, tree, or vine grown crops. These molds result in a variety of dangerous mycotoxins, such as aflatoxin, citrinin, fumonisin, deoxynivalenol (DON), ochratoxin, T-2/H-T2 and zearalenone—some of which are known human carcinogens.


The objective of its activities is to offer a wide range of top-quality veterinary products to the professional veterinary and breeder public. Thanks to huge investments made into new production and control premises, effort of its managers and reliability of its employees, Bioveta, a. s. meets the basic standards of European manufacturer of veterinary medicaments, both in the field of correct manufacturing practice, research and development or sales policy.


LABORATORIOS EURISKO is a high experienced pharmaceutical company specialized in veterinary and animal health products for use in veterinary field.

Its products has proven its quality and result during many years in spanish market and oters country with full satisfaction of veterinary doctors and farm owners.


Alta is the largest privately owned reproduction and genetic improvement company in the world. We strive to develop partnerships with progressive dairies located around the globe. Alta contributes to the profitability of our partners by offering consistent and rigorously tested products with genetic traits that effect profitability most under modern management systems. We add proven services in reproductive management and training designed to maximize the return on a dairy’s investment in genetics.

Henke SASS Wolf

Henke SASS Wolf The passion for developing technological solutions in the sectors of medical technology and industrial products – or, briefly put, engineering ingenuity – represents the essence of Henke-Sass, Wolf. Ever since it was founded in 1921, the company has been deeply and intensively involved in research, development and design for reliable solutions in these sectors.


Nuovo egg printing systems manufactures printing systems for the marking and coding of eggs. This is done by our patented cartridge based ink jet egg printing technology and by our patented screen print egg stamping technology.
We deliver stand-alone egg printers and stampers, but also egg printing and stamping systems to integrate inline on farmpackers and egg graders. Nuovo egg printing systems has been active in the egg industry since 1992 and has proven to be a reliable partner for all your egg printing, egg marking, egg coding and egg stamping solutions.


I.C.M. is established in 1988 by 100% Jordanian capital and introduced the domestic market in 1990.

I.C.M. consists of several departments controlled by special technicians. Production departments are supported by another technical department responsible for quality control of both raw materials and finished products.

Lumis Enzymes

Lumis Biotech, one of the foremost enzyme manufacturers belongs to the K-Genix Health Care Group established in 1945.
The core focus of K-Genix is manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical/biotech products and bulk drug chemicals, currently exporting to all five continents.Lumis has been supplying feed enzymes since many years to corporates in the capacity of a contract manufacturer. It is only in the recent past that we started emphasizing on directly promoting our enzymes for the animal feed industry through our exclusive global distributors either in their brand name or ours.