Vaccinate chickens by application of a “coarse spray” evenly sprayed over equivalent number of poultry from the distance of 30 to 50 cm. Too fine droplets (aerosol fog) cause inhalation of the vaccination virus into the lower airways and, as a consequence, development of a respiratory disease.

Storage: Store is a dark and dry place at the temperature between 2 °c and 8 °c.

Protection period: None

Shelf life: 18 months. Use immediately after first opening.

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Orniprim ad us. Vet. (Poultry Vaccines)

Live lyophilized vaccine against Newcastle disease in poultry

Composition – 1 vaccination dose:

Active substance:

  • Paramyxovirus pseudopestis avium min. 106.0 EID50 , max. 107.5 EID50 in one dose

Auxiliary substance:

Lyophilization medium

Effect method:

Newcastle disease virus lentogenic strain stimulates specific organism immunity to infection through the lymphatic system in one-day-old chickens.By vaccination of one-day-old chickens, immunity is developed in one week, which lasts at least five weeks. Breeding chickens are revaccinated in 30 to 35 days with ORNIPEST, lyof. ad us. vet. vaccine.

Indication: Vaccination of chickens one to fourteen days old against Newcastle poultry disease.

Indication group: Veterinary immunopreparation

Contraindication: It is not recommended to vaccinate poultry that is already ill.


Any other live vaccines may be applied no sooner than in a week. Failure to meet this interval mainly when using the same mode of application of other live vaccines reduces development of immunity.

Method of administration and dosage:

Individual application:

  • 200 vaccine doses  are diluted in 10 ml water for injection. Administer one drop of the diluted vaccine into the conjunctiva sac of individual birds. In the case of one-day-old chickens, apply the vaccine onto the nasal mucosa by dipping the beak into the vaccination solution.

Mass application by spray:

  • Administer the vaccine diluted in drinking water by means of a micro-droplet-making sprayer.
  • 1000 vaccine doses  are diluted in 200 to 250 ml water for injection.

Adverse effects: Unknown


  • The vaccine is lyophilized by 200, 500 and 2500 vaccination doses in vials, sealed by rubber lyophilization stoppers with aluminium caps.
    Group packing:10 vials in a carton  or plastic box.