Biocan Puppy


Only clinically healthy, properly nourished animals should be vaccinated. Possible anti-parasitic treatment should be carried out at least 10 days before the vaccination. The vaccinated animals should not be trained or exercised for one week after the vaccination.

Storage: Store in a dry and dark place at the temperature of 2 – 8 oc. The vaccine shall not be allowed to freeze!

Protection period: Not intended for food animals.

Shelf life: 24 months

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Biocan Puppy inj. sicc. ad us. vet. (Dog Vaccines)

Live vaccine against distemper and parvovirosis in dogs inactivated

Composition – 1 ml:

  • Virus febris contagiosae canis min. 104.2 TCID50
  • Parvovirus enteritidis canis inact. min. 107.0 TCID50
  • 2-% aluminium hydroxide gel, sodium merthiolate, culture medium

Drug form: Solution for injection

Indication: For the active immunization of dogs against distemper and parvovirosis in dogs at the age of 5 weeks and above.

This inactivated vaccine against parvovirosis allows for the vaccination of pregnant bitches (21-14 days before giving birth) and so induces high protection of the puppies through colostrum antibodies

Contraindication: Total pyrexial disease

Method of administration: Subcutaneous. Dilute lyophilizate of the vaccine with liquid antigen before use.

Dosage: Dilute lyophilizate of the vaccine with liquid antigen before use.

Vaccination schedule:

The vaccination scheme should be specified by the veterinarian in dependence on the infection situation and the level of the passive immunity obtained due to the colostric antibodies in the vaccinated individuals. Primovaccinated animals should be re-vaccinated at the interval 14 – 21 days. The revaccination should be repeated every year in order to keep permanent immunity of the vaccinated animals.

The vaccine Biocan Puppy can be used separately, simultaneously or grouped with Biocan C. The vaccination dose is 2 ml in this case.

Other possible vaccinations:

Biocan M Plus:

  • Microsporum canis vaccine inactivated can be used at the age of 8 weeks and above.

Adverse reaction:

If the vaccine is diluted with the liquid vaccine Biocan (LR, C, L) local reaction (like a pea in size) can be formed in the vaccine application spot that will disappear on its own accord within 3 weeks.


    • 10 x 1 ml