Myco6in1+ LC/MS/MS (Multi-Analyte Testing Solutions)

Myco6in1+™ columns for LC/MS/MS deliver the synergistic benefits of fast, accurate, simultaneous determination of more species of the world’s most strictly regulated mycotoxins. VICAM’s Myco6in1+ column is a quantitative method for the simultaneous determination of aflatoxins, ochratoxin A, fumonisins, deoxynivalenol, zearalenone, nivalanol, T-2 and HT-2 toxins.

Samples are purified by the VICAM Myco6in1+ LC/MS/MS immunoaffinity column before being quantitated by liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry (LC/ESI-MS/MS).



  • Versatile — For use with LC/MS/MS or HPLC
  • Accurate – Meets European Committee for Standardization (CEN) criteria for mycotoxin analysis methods
  • Comprehensive — Detects aflatoxins, deoxynivalenol, fumonisins, ochratoxin A, zearalenone, and T-2 and HT-2 toxins with one simple test
  • Convenient — Only one sample and one procedure required to detect multiple toxins
  • Durable — Long shelf life
  • Economical — One test provides results for multiple toxins, saving time and materials