CitriTest HPLC (Citrinin Testing Solutions)


  • Exclusive – Specifically for HPLC use
  • Convenient – Uses same methods as other VICAM tests
  • Durable — Long shelf life
  • Quick — 10 minutes to isolate toxin*
  • Wide Range — Detects levels as low as 10 ppb and as high as 500 ppb

*excludes preparation and extraction


CitriTest™ HPLC is a quantitative method for the detection of citrinin in Kogi Red Rice and corn. VICAM’s advanced biotechnology permits detection of citrinin without the use of toxic solvents like chloroform or methylene chloride. CitriTest™ HPLC is intended for use by trained operators who need to test samples for the presence of citrinin in parts per billion (ppb) with a method that is reliable, rapid and quantitative.