HSW UNI MATIC® Automatic Self Filling syringe

Injections 1 ml / 2 ml / 5 ml

The poultry syringe (0.1 ml – 1 ml) without o-ring is easy to maintain in all applications. Durable valves (equipped with stainless steel balls and springs) secure a continuous uninterrupted injection. Tube and bottle version are available in syringe volumes 1 ml and 2 ml.

The innovative and ergonomic design of the syringe allows fatigue-proof working even for small injection volumes.

  • syringe can be used universally with bottle adaptor or tubing attachment
  • with pin lock system
  • bottle­ holder or tubing attachment can be positioned as required
  • durable and precise metal piston
  • innovative, ergonomic design provides wear­-free function
  • medication bottles can be replaced quickly and easily (50 ml and 100 ml) with new bottle adaptor
  • exceptionally accurate dosing
  • bottle adapter interchangeable with HSW FERRO-­MATIC®


Included in delivery

HSW UNI-MATIC® complete:
1 x syringe, 1 x ascending tube 18 cm, 1 x tubing

Product details 

Version Vol/ml Item no.
Luer Lock 1 ml 3001330000
  2 ml 3002330000
  5 ml 8300003174
thread 1 ml 3001350000
  2 ml 3002350000

Here you will find accessories for HSW UNI-MATIC® such as plastic and metal bottle holders for glass and plastic bottles.