DONtest WB (Deoxynivalenol Testing Solution)

DONtest WB™ is a quantitative methods intended for use by trained customers in the food processing industry who need to test samples for the presence of DON (also known as deoxynivalenol or vomitoxin) in parts per million (ppm), with a method that is safe, simple, fast and which works reproducibly and accurately.



  • xclusive – Specifically for HPLC and UPLC® use
  • Durable — Long shelf life
  • Versatile — For use with a variety of samples
  • Quick —10 minutes to isolate toxin*
  • Wide Range — Detects levels as low as 0.04 ppm and as high as 5 ppm
  • Fast Flow — Faster results than narrow bore test

*excludes preparation and extraction