Adek SP

Each ml Contains:

Vitamin A 500000 IU
Vitamin D3 100000 IU
Vitamin E 20.0 mg
Vitamin K 10.0 mg



Adek SP is Pakistan’s first Vitamin ADEK that is available in the liquid state. It is ready to use product gives you instant, homogeneous and complete solubility. Due to its unique liquid state the vitamins will not deteriorate in the water and does not block the pipes of drinking system.

Adek SP can be confidently used for the reestablishment of vitamin levels, increase of organic defenses, spermatogenesis and fecundity, deficiency, stress and convalescence.

Adek SP can be used for the prevention and treatment of vitamin deficiencies, stress caused by vaccination, debeaking, diseases, transportation, humidity, temperature especially during and after the attach of Coccidiosis.


Poultry: 1 ml/15 liter of drinking water

Cattle: 1.5/animal/day

Sheep/Goat: 0.5/animal/day


100 ml, 1 liter