E-Sel Plus

E-Sel Plus


Each 1 liter contains:

Alpha-tocopherol acetate 120.0 mg
Sodium Selenite 2.2 mg


  • It is used as very good Immune Stimulant.
  • In case of Vit E and Selenium deficiency in chickens hens and cattle
  • In case of low fertility and hatchability in parent stocks
  • In case of muscular dystrophy of lambs, white muscle disease, hepatitits and arthritis in cattle and goats.



For oral administration mix in to drinking water or milk. Use atleast 7 days.

Prepare and use fresh daily solutions.

Poultry: 1 ml/10 liter drinking water for 5 consecutive days

Cattle, Goats, Horses and Camels: 5ml/animal/day for 3 day