Egg-Jet BAN5


  • Automatic offline egg printing system, for medium and large egg farms
  • To be used to print a traceability code and/or a name on the eggs, possibly in combination with a production and/or expiry date



  • Capacity: 24.000 – 54.000 eggs/hour
  • Simple cartridge based technology
  • Solid construction, which results into a long lifetime
  • Selection switch for 1-8 print texts, incl. nozzle cleaning
  • Ink consumption variable
  • Minimal consumption costs
  • Proved food grade ink to print eggs (red/green/blue/black)
  • Perfect print quality by movable print heads, which adapts
  • Itselves to each individual egg height
  • 1 and/or 2 row printing possible
  • Different texts, fontstyles and logo’s
  • Several automatic date functions
  • Size of the print field: (h) 4,8 mm, (l) 25 mm


  • Egg-Jet software
  • Stainless steel mobile-frame
  • Exit rollerbelt for 3 or 6 trays