Afla M1 FL+ (Aflatoxin Testing Solutions)


  • Exclusive – Specifically for fluorometer use
  • Durable — Long shelf life; requires no refrigeration
  • Quick — 25 minutes to isolate toxin*
  • Wide Range — Detects levels as low as 12.5 ppt and as high as 200 ppt without HPLC analysis
  • Safe — Requires less toxic materials than conventional test methods

*excludes preparation and extraction


Afla M1 FL+™ is a quantitative method for the detection of aflatoxin M1 in milk. VICAM’s advanced technology permits the measurement of aflatoxin M1 without the use of toxic solvents like chloroform or methylene chloride.

Afla M1 FL+ mycotoxin testing system is used in a wide variety of locations from milk processing quality control laboratories to government testing laboratories – anyplace where quick, easy to perform and highly accurate aflatoxin analysis can prevent contamination and improve the quality of the milk supply. Afla M1 FL+ is intended for use by trained operators who need to test samples for the presence of aflatoxin M1 in parts per trillion (ppt) with a method that is reliable, rapid and quantitative and which works well under field conditions.