Red Brylor Talisker 202T

Owned By: Alta Genetics Stud Code: 011AR03021 Reg. No.140189

Sc: 37 cm Born: 01/10/2007 Tatoo: 202T

  • Talisker was purchased in the 2007 Brylor Bull Sale for $ 15,000.00 as the pick of the entire 2007 ET crop.
  • Talisker is a well balanced Mulberry son from 66K, the same dam as Master Plan 17M.
  • 66K is a dominating dughter of 40X at Brylor just as her sisters have been! A full E.T. sisteito Talisker sold in “Tradition with A Vision” last fall for $10,250.
  • The high seller for $42,000.00 at the 2008 Brylor Spring Sale was a full sibling to Talisker.
  • The Mulbbery progeny are the hottest sire group in North America right now.
  • IBR Negative, export semen available

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Source: Canadian Red Angus Assn – Spring 2009

Birth Weight Wean-ing Weight Year-ling Weight Milk Total Mate-rnal Calving Ease Mat Calving Ease REA Mar-bing Fat Stay HPG
05 .05