HSW SAFE-MATIC® Automatic self-filling syringe

for injections with safety features 2 ml

  • with safety features for enhanced user-safety
  • 3 step safety mechanism to avoid accidental self-injections
  • most suitable for medicines which could be harmful for the user
  • avoids needle-stick injuries
  • syringe can be used universally with bottle adaptor or tubing attachment
  • medication bottles can be replaced quickly and easily (50 ml and 100 ml)
  • durable and precise metal piston
  • dosing  fixed at 2 ml (not adjustable)


Included in delivery

HSW SAFE-MATIC® complete:
1x syringe, 1x ascending tube 18 cm, 1x tubing

Product details

Version Vol/ml Item no.
Luer Lock 2 ml 8300006508

The bottle adaptor can be ordered separately.

Here you will find accessories for HSW SAFE-MATIC® with bottle attachment such as special tubing attachments and baskets