Alta Sanson TWO

Owned By: Alta Genetics Stud Code: 011GL00072 Reg. No.ABBA 894546 & ALTG2 (Brazil)

BW: 82 lbs Current weight 1390lb (Feb 2012) Hip Height 57″

Sanson Two is a strong and health sire that stood out in his group from the beginning.

He has a lot of milk in his pedigree on both sides. His sire was leader on genetic value for milk several years, and on the maternal line is filled with great cows and proven bulls like Benfeitor Cal.

Sanson Two has great body depth and structure and a lot mik type for his breed.

Sanson Two’s sire Sansao was 4 time leader on genetic value for milk production and is the sires most used in the history of the breed. Already he has numerous daughters and sons with great evaluations, productions and with successful show ring careers.

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Sanson Two’s Dam Norma Gameta is on of the most important donors of Calciolandia renwon because of her own production and her progenies. She has been a great embryo donor and many of the her offspring are still being kept in the high production herd of Calciolandia.

Milk record on grass: 6110 kg de leite

Genetics value (VG)

VG Milke: 1568.7 kg

VG Prot: 36.6 kg

VG Fat: 57.4 kg

VG Solids 146.2 kg

VG Age at first calving: -2.1